Zeiz is a key supplier of agricultural solutions,
helping farmers maximise productivity to remain competitive in global markets

We supply a wide range of world-class crop protection and productivity-enhancing products and solutions

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Zeiz Ltd., based in London, is one of the leading agronomic solutions providers in MENA. We manufacture and supply agronomic products that improve agricultural productivity for greater customer returns. This includes crop protection products, seed treatments, fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production, soil and water used in spraying operations. Zeiz is a Germanic word meaning gentle, tender and graceful.

  • Agrochemicals and public health
  • Vegetables and agronomic seeds
  • Agricultural sprayers and tools
  • Fertilisers
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Veterinary products

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All We're Doing Is
What We Should Be Doing!

All We're Doing Is
What We Should Be Doing!

High Quality, Our Top Priority

Our firm intention has been all about developing quality products because we passionately care about food security all around the world. One way of absolutely guaranteeing that people do have access to healthy and safe edibles, is by manufacturing fertilisers that have been tested for superior quality.


To achieve long-term pest control, our R&D uses multidisciplinary approaches (including biotechnology, toxicology, weed science and plant protection). One of the most important issues that our R&D is working on is the issue of resistance to pests, diseases and weeds. The overuse of conventional molecules without alternative, has led to resistance development of pesticides.

Our lab employed bioassay, biochemical and enzyme assays, omics-based techniques (from genomes to metabolites) which provide us powerful and innovative tools for our view. Other issues that we are considering include residue problems as well as toxicity toward beneficial non-target organisms. Taken together, integrating different control tactics is our fundament toward achieving successful control of pest.

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Zeiz fertiliser packets have a revolutionary method of delivering nutrients to a plant’s root zone. This method guarantees that nutrient loss ( due to leaching or runoff ) is averted, the cost of labour and supplies are reduced, and damage to the plant from too much fertiliser is eliminated. Zeiz is also safer for you and the environment because the packets are installed unopened, so you never come into contact with the fertiliser itself and because of its very controlled release, there is no surface or groundwater contamination.

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Plant pathology

Plant pathology  encompasses the study of what causes a plant disease; how a pathogen attacks the plant at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and whole plant levels of organization; how the host responds to attack; how pathogens...

All We're Doing Is What We Should Be Doing!