Growzeiz 18-18-18+Ca Fertiliser


Total Nitrogen (N): 18% . Available Phosphorus (P₂O₅): 18% . Soluble Potassium (K₂O): 18% . Soluble Calcium (CaO): 6% . Zn-EDTA: 0.1% . Soluble B: 0.1%

Recommended application rate:

  • Fertigation

          Fruit trees: 10-20 kg/ ha

          Vegetable and other crops: 5-10 kg/ha

  • Foliar

          Fruit trees: 2-4 kg/ 1000 L water

          Vegetable and other crops: 1.5-3 kg/ha

Weight:   10 Kg     25 Kg  

* These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.



Growzeiz 18-18-18 + Ca is a water soluble fertiliser which contains equal amounts of nitrogen (18%), phosphorus (18%) and potassium (18%) as well as calcium and micronutrients to provide a balanced formula for plants. The presence of calcium in this product, improves the strength of cell walls during active cell division stages. This combination is intended to stimulate root development, plant growth and fruit set.

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