Humizeiz Fertiliser


Humic acid: 70%, Fulvic acid: 10%, Potassium 10%

Recommended Application Rate:

Soil: 6 – 10 kg/ha divided into several applications (1 – 2 kg/ha) during the vegetation period.

Seeds: .1 % or 100 g/100 kg seed dressing according to thousand grain weight.

Hydroponics: 10 – 30 g/1000 L nutrient solution during the cultivation cycle.
Weight:   1 Kg     5 Kg  

* These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.



Humizeiz is a water-soluble organic plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner based on active humic acid (potassium humate). Humizeiz is a bioactive growth stimulant and organic soil conditioner, especially for sandy and heavy clay soils. Humizeiz has a stimulating effect on plant growth, root development and increases and stimulates beneficial soil microorganisms.

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