Microzeiz Fertiliser


Amino acid: 20%, Fe: 4%, Zn 2%, Mn 1.5%, B: 1% Mo: 0.001

Recommended Application Rate:

Soil: 3-5 L/ha during the vegetation period

Foliar: 1-2 L/1000 L water during the vegetation period

Weight:   1 Litre     5 Litre  

* These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.



Microzeiz is a liquid biostimulator based on amino acids. It acts as organic chelator of trace elements Fe, Mn, B, Zn and Mo. Therefore, it is widely used as a micronutrient foliar fertiliser in combination with other water soluble fertilisers and in combination with almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficacy.

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