Zeiz-MKP Fertiliser

Zeiz-MKP Fertiliser


Phosphorus (P) 22.7% , Soluble potash (k2o) 34% , Potsddum (K) 28.7%

Recommended Application Rate:


Foliar application: 2-3kg/1000L

Weight:   25 Kg  

* These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.

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As a nitrogen-free fertiliser, Zeiz MKP™ is the favoured source of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen fertilisation should be restricted. For example, early in the growing season, when phosphorus and potassium are required at high rates for the establishment of root system. Application of Zeiz MKP™ at the production stages of sugar-rich fruit crops helps to boost the sugar content and to enhance the quality.
Zeiz MKP™ can be implemented in combination with other fertilisers to meet crop nutritional demand all along the growth cycle.

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