Zeiz-SOP Fertiliser


Solphate (SO3): 18% , Potassium (K2O):52%

Recommended application rate:

  • Fertigation

          Fruit trees: 20-30 kg/ ha

          Vegetable and other crops: 15-25 kg/ha

  • Foliar

          Fruit trees: 2-5 kg/ 1000 L water

          Vegetable and other crops: 2-5 kg/ha

Weight:   25 Kg  

* These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.



Zeiz SOP is a highly pure potassium fertiliser, which dissolves rapidly and completely. Our product is not sensitive to caking and is recommended during fruit or tuber development and up until maturation, and during colouring of fruits. The high level of potassium in our formula plays an essential role in achieving higher quality yields. Zeiz SOP is readily available for plant uptake by providing concentrated nutrition. Also, It enhances the plant’s resistance to drought, frost, insects and diseases, thus improving yield and quality.

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