Vision Plus Herbicide

Active Ingredients:

Nicosulfuron (1-(4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-yl)-3-(3- dimethylcarbamoyl-2 pyridylsulfonyl)urea) 80 g/kg
Atrazine (1-Chloro-3-ethylamino-5-isopropylamino-2,4,6-triazine) 700 g/kg

Other Ingredients: 220 g/kg

HRAC Group|B-C|Herbicide

Formulation: WG
Weight:   1 Kg  

For pre and post-emergent control of broad-leaved and grass weeds in corn with soil residual activity as specified in the Directions for Use.

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Example weed controlled:
Vision Plus effectively controls a wide spectrum of weeds from perennial grasses including Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense); Couch grass (Agropyron repens) to annual weeds including Morning glory; Barnyard grass; Cocklebur; Lambsquarters; Crabgrass; Pigweed; Buckwheat; Ragweed; Foxtail.

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